A Seasonal Slide Show (rollover photo & click spyglass for full-screen)

  • Canigou Slumbers at the End of Winter
  • Evening Sun Lights up the Village
  • Sunrise on the Village Church
  • The view from Elne Cathedral across the town toward Spain
  • And sometimes it rains - even in the south of France!
  • Dreamy Sea

Calling all Stationary Travelers!  The door is open to the south of France and here is your ticket to enjoy every season in the sun.  Escape the stress of busy modern life and come to a little village on the Roussillon Plane. It's the calm center of the Universe.  This is your visual visit and all with no airfare, long lines, or lost luggage!  Forget the glossy, high priced tourist guides.  Come share everyday life in a paradise that might have stepped out of the last century.  Salley J Robins welcomes you with words and photos that take you to the real south of France.