Welcome to the World of Salley J Robins

    Cou-cou! (French for Hiya!) You have just stepped into the world of Salley J Robins, novelist, photo-blogger, who loves to share the sunshine south of France.

     Writing was her childhood passion and she shared it with her California students until she relocated to a very different life in a French-Catalan village near the Mediterrean Sea.  8 novels later, she is editing her 9th novel (it's those Kids on Mars again!)  and outlining her tenth (a steamy adult novel, strickly from the HOT side of the Med), she still finds time to share her thoughts now and then in her Blog "Shared Scribblings"   Her Facebook page, "SJ Robins - Writing for the Love of It" is where she talks about writing and more!  She just loves to write and share that joy with everyone.  Especially you!