Salley was a California teacher - and so her best loved kids have made it into a book - but they live on Mars!   The kids of Cinnamon Sands Academy (CSA for short) may be the only ones who can save the day when there are "Monsters on Mars!"  Read a preview here.

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In the much anticipated second CSA book,  it's time for summer adventures!  When eerie sounds rise from the new excavations, fear and curiousity bring the kids face to face with the deadly reality that they may never see home again. Will they ever discover who or what created the "Star Door" they find in the caves beneath the colony's crater? The Ghost Caves of Mars!"    Read a preview here.  

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At long last, William and his friends reunite in a 3rd CSA adventure.  But who has just arrived on Mars?  William can tell you.  She's Rylee, a girl without equal in his books!
The Sanchez Crew. It's the cool class on Mars. Being a teenager is great! Learning to drive a skimmer is even better. Then they find themselves lost on the red sands of Mars or is that blue? Suddenly the kids don't feel so lucky.  Then they make an interesting discovery.  Life on Mars? Before they can find out for sure, it's time for an underwater stroll... but how can that be? The seas of Mars vanished eons ago? It's time for answers and William is determined to find them.

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"To Wake in Avalon is the first book in the series "Ever in Avalon", an Arthurian fantasy set in modern day England.  Suitable for Adults of all ages, this epic adventure/romance is centered on the long lost magic of Avalon. The last battle of Arthur sealed Merlin's fate to sleep for eternity in the Crystal Cave.  Or did it?  When Caliburn Kite wakes surrounded by clues to his very odd past, he begins to wonder...    Read a Preview Here

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"Into the Well of Infinite Light", book 2 in the series Ever in Avalon, Caliburn Kite, struggles against the enchantment that may render him too young to ever help wake Arthur.  Then the Oracle of Avalon, aka - Lance, meetsthe beautiful, vivacious, Celeste Du Lyon who joins him on the quest to rescue the closest friends Merlin has ever known.  Facing the Lord of the Underworld would be hard enough, but when the Witicairn add their powers to the battle the only way out is through death's door. Who will pay the price to the Reaper of Souls?   Read a Preview Here.

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A children's adventure book, "Travels With Cha-Li - In the Shadow of Half Dome"  is set in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  Kat slips into the recent past and finds a warm welcome with the Paiute tribe of Chief Teneiya in Yosemite National Park. But how can they deal with the influx of goldhunters?  When Kat becomes trapped in the past, she wants to try to stop the war that she knows is coming. This historical fantasy fiction with a strong element of magic that takes a bittersweet look at the changes caused by the arrival of the white settlers in California.

   Read a Preview Here

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    Salley J Robins loves her life in the south of France and has charmed her fans with vivid descriptions of the Catalan corner of France.  Here, she brings a year of your visits together along with new photographs to share the simple beauty of living in a small French village.   Read a Preview Here  This eBook, "Plein Sud" can be downloaded for Kindle at this site  Plein Sud Amazon Edition or in other digital formats at Plein Sud Smashwords Edition.



The follow up book, "Seasons in the Sun" lets you bask in that special light  made famous by artists across the centuries. This time, the focus is on the customs and beauty as the seasons roll around the small French village on the Roussillon Plain.

The subtitle "A Visual Visit to Languedoc-Roussillon" says it all.  The colorful images let you see why painters flock to the area.  This descriptive month by month visit is one you can take from any screen with no air fare or lost luggage.  The door is open - Come on in to the south of France!

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The years have flown by but when you come back to Salley's kitchen in the south of France it's like no time has passed at all! It's time for you to come have a taste of what's cooking and take a few country and town trips with her again.  The beauty is still everywhere you look and this third book in the series is even bigger and better than those that came before with a whopping 100 photos of the area and the various culinary delights you and she shared over the year.  The kitchen door is open - come on in!

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